Dr. Plumb just announced that she will debut a new Internet Radio Show in 2013 featuring special guest discussing the 10 Lifestyle Principles and how to apply these in a meaningful way to your daily life.

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New Twist to Murphy

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” We have all heard this catchy phrase, but is it really possible to live by such guidance? How do we maintain a can-do attitude in the midst of life’s curve balls? Tune...

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Dealing with Narcissism

Is it difficult for you to value your own judgment? Do you feel like your opinions and actions are downplayed by your spouse or family? If so, you may be living alongside a person with narcissistic tendencies. Join Dr....

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Love After Divorce

For many women, identity questions are at the forefront of our minds. Am I desirable? Am I worthy of love? Will I ever feel safe? These questions may be amplified if you are divorced. Such relational strife can wreak...

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