Destructive…like an avalanche. Stress will take you out and those around you. Research has shown how detrimental stress is to your body, your mind, and your spirit. Excessive stress can lead to lack of focus, sleep deprivation, and disorganization. Take the steps necessary to decrease stress, stop the avalanche…take control of your life once again



Where do your priorities lie? Your children…your family….your friends… If a healthy lifestyle takes root in a solid sense of self, nourishment comes from relationships that minimize negativity and maximize positive interaction. Relationships must be a priority. As you nurture the connections to those dear to you, watch your life blossom, and your horizons broaden.



Your spirit is your lifeline, your inner being, your foundation. As such it must be nurtured and cared for; cherished like a small bird in hand. Your spirit, fragile at first, has the instincts for survival cleverly existing when seemingly absent. We must, above all, learn to love ourselves, respect our inner drives and motives. Patience with ourselves becomes increasingly important as we transcend the stages of our lives.


Personal Health…Proactive

Many of us run our lives at mind spinning speed, burning the candle at both ends. It is exhausting to the body and the psyche, taking an inevitable toll on our personal health and our underlying self-esteem. With regards to health, prevention may truly be the best medicine. Enhance your physical and mental well-being by taking a “health proactive” approach. A proactive woman is a well-oiled machine fully able to care for herself and for those around her.



Inner beauty shines like a light…a light that illuminates something important, but sometimes forgotten..a positive self-image. To feel beautiful is not to be superficial. A woman who feels beautiful radiates confidence and happiness. Feel it…Develop it…Shine in its light. You are beautiful both inside and out. Become inspired as you watch the wave of self-confidence build. Shine hope on those around you.



Alarm screeches to life at 5am…you drag your sleepy body out of bed to start a workout regimen…begrudgingly. Does this sound at all familiar? Fitness is an important component in a healthy life style and a positive self-image. Besides documented health benefits, enjoyable fitness routines can be exhilarating. Fitness is activity. Activity does not need to be boring or monotonous. If you enjoy what you are doing, it will quickly become a habit…a habit you look forward to everyday.


Personal Oasis…Sacred

Everyone must have a personal oasis. A personal oasis is somewhere sacred to YOU, somewhere personal, somewhere you can go to get away from everything and everyone. It is a place where you can go to feel secure, loved, and confident. It is a bubble permeable to all things good, resistant to all things negative. What appeals to you? What makes you feel safe? Your personal oasis is a workspace used to repair a self-image tattered by day to day drama.


Financial Freedom…Liberating

Finances can be scary and at times downright confusing. Investing….retirement….bank overdraws…With effort, planning your financial future can be quite liberating and creative. A grounded financial plan does wonders to increase courage and boost self-esteem. With time, focus, and research designing a long term financial blueprint can be an exciting adventure that lists security and confidence as its rewards.



What happens to your car if you do not put gas in it? How long will it run? Most likely it will become sluggish, choke, and eventually give out altogether. Your body is no exception. Your body’s fuel must be healthy, wholesome, and clean. Clean fuel means more energy and focus; less confusion and fatigue. Proper nutrition is an essential component of developing and maintaining a heightened level of self-esteem.


Commit…To Give

Sounds elementary, doesn’t it? “Give” is such an all-encompassing word. It can mean giving to family and friends. It can mean treating others the way you want to be treated. It can mean donating your time and efforts for a charitable organization. By applying the first 9 principles, it is PlumbTalk Women’s goal to boost your self-esteem and help you feel better about YOU. Only then are you able to help and assist others in doing the same thing. Giving leads to happiness. Happiness is contagious. Commit to making a difference…

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