This week, Dr. Cecilia Lacayo from Wellness & Hormone Centers of America joins Dr. Shelley Plumb to discuss how you can restore your body to full health. But before the conversation gets into the nitty gritty of why we struggle to lose pounds and keep them off, Dr. Lacayo defines the term “medical weight loss,” a term that is often overused and misunderstood.

Dr. Lacayo sets the record straight, saying medical weight loss therapy is delivered and monitored by a physician. It is based on scientific principles that go to the root cause of why you can’t lose weight or sustain weight loss. It is a personalized program that allows you and your physician to understand your unique biochemistry. This means that your hormone levels are addressed in detail.

In this Celebrity Talk special, Dr. Lacayo talks about what hormones do for your body, and why they need to be balanced in order for you to feel and look your best. In addition, Dr. Lacayo offers three steps every person can take to reach their health goals.

  1. Drink water

  2. Eat your vegetables

  3. Establish times of intermittent fasting

More so, Dr. Lacayo goes into detail about how much water you should drink based on your weight, what constitutes a single vegetable serving, and why fasting allows you to reach new heights of whole body wellness.

Watch Dr. Shelley Plumb’s 10 minute interview with wellness physician Dr. Lacayo.

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