Clutter. Most of us have it. Most of us live with it. But few of us truly understand the effect it can have on our emotions. “Things in our environment ought to uplift us…“says Michelle Luongo, advanced Feng Shui consultant. “And make us feel good when we look at them.” More often than not, clutter only brings us confusion, not clarity. Frustration, not joy.

Seeking to understand the impact clutter has on our productivity and emotions, Dr. Shelley Plumb sits down with Michelle Luongo, founder of Balanced Living Inc. Michelle is known for helping people understand the negative impact clutter has on their psyches and equipping them with tools to organize their homes and work spaces to regain full clarity.

In a brief 10-minute interview with Dr. Shelley Plumb, Michelle defines clutter, explains how it relates to our emotions, and shares why we can be happier and healthier once we free up space in our living environments.

Michelle also offers three take home tips for those who want to de-clutter their lives.

  1. Start small – Michelle suggests beginning with a manageable area, like a kitchen junk drawer.
  2. Set a time limit – Say, “for the next half an hour I’m going to work on this drawer.”
  3. Don’t set unrealistic goals – For example, avoid committing to de-clutter your entire closet in an afternoon.

In addition, Michelle tells her clients to start a bin system (which Dr. Shelley uses and loves)! Get three bins and label them trash, undecided and keep. When de-cluttering an area, ask yourself “Do I love it? Does it serve a function in my life? Do I feel good when I look at it?” It your answers are yes, put items in the keep bin; if no, disregard them appropriately.

Watch Dr. Shelley Plumb’s short interview with Advanced Feng Shui Consultant Michelle Luongo.

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