In today’s hectic business world, we may find ourselves obligated to play multiple roles. The result of taking on too much is often summed up in one word: STRESS!

Join PlumbTalk Women’s Dr. Shelley Plumb in the ground breaking event, “The Stress Effect.” Gain ground-breaking insight and knowledge as Dr. Plumb explore the physical and psychological effects of daily tension and discuss ways to rise above stressful circumstances in the entrepreneurial world.

  • Engaging event with informative resources presented
  • Uncover the destructive nature of stress
  • Examine the top stressors in the work place
  • Witness stress management techniques in action

Watch The Stress Effect Now!

To access the “The Stress Effect” webinar, click here:

Then, type your full name and use the password, stresseffect to enter the Onstream webinar platform. The recording will start automatically.

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