Poor nutrition is not something to be taken lightly. It can lead to physical ailments and diseases that threaten our livelihood. This is not to mention the real psychological issues surrounding food. All in all, it seems poor nutrition choices can lead to poor health, which not only affects us, it affects those around us, too.

In the PlumbTalk Webinar, “Nutty or Naughty,” we explored balanced nutrition and examine why it sometimes feels good to be bad. At times, it seems downright impossible to break naughty habits. Could it be that we lack effective resources and counseling? Or, are the tasty temptations that surround us too much to resist? Watch the “Nutty or Naughty” webinar recording and start making sound nutritional choices today!

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Then, type your full name and use the password, Nutty to enter the Onstream webinar platform. The recording will start automatically.

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