Making a Difference!

How many of you feel EXHAUSTED at the end of a grueling work week?

We know we are!

In investigating the resources, PlumbTalk has come across an amazing woman. Karen Brody is founder of a company called Bold Tranquility. She has developed a program designed to explore the art of rest and relaxation. With her unique yoga nidra meditation “nap” it is Karen’s goal to help you get in the best physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual shape of your life.

Karen’s mission is to:

  • Break the cycle of non-stop fatigue
  • Feel more well-rested, not just in your body, but your entire being
  • Claim what you love to do and approach it from a state of grace, not grind
  • Learn how to live and lead using a combination of Creative Source (intuition, emotions) and Creative Force (courage, leadership)
  • Discover a life-long tool that only requires you to lie down and do nothing to get get back to zero stress

If you would like to learn more about Karen Brody’s Program, The Art Of The Well-Rested Woman, please click HERE. This link will take you to Karen’s exciting new program. She’s summoning women from around the world to enter a virtual napping “tent” and engage in the much needed rest and essential quiet time we all yearn for. Through this program Karen encourages us all to be good to ourselves once again.




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