Have you ever met someone who seemed bored, depressed, and completely without hope for the future? Sadly, many individuals go through life in this state of suppressed passion. Perhaps you are that person who has lost her zest for life and excitement about the future. The good news is that exuberance can be recaptured.

By harnessing passion women can actually change the course of their careers, and as a result, their lives. Put in this context, it is easy to see why passion is so important.

Michael Pollock, president of Pollock Spark, professionally guides people in discovering what they are truly passionate about. Pollock Spark is a firm that specializes in coaching individuals in the area of career. It also focuses on Executive Coaching, and Strategic and Operational Consulting. The firm often works with individuals in creative occupations. The goal of Michael Pollock is to help people take their jobs/businesses “to new levels of success.” PlumbTalk Women was honored to interview Mr. Pollock who provided us with vital information about the role enthusiasm plays in catapulting people to new levels of success.

How can a woman recapture her passion?

According to Michael Pollock, “Passion is excitement. Passion is something you care about.”

If you find yourself bored with your job or dreading going to work every day, you may have lost your enthusiasm for life. One way to rediscover it is to simply ask yourself what gets you excited. Mr. Pollock explains, “If you are excited about anything, that’s a great start.”

Don’t believe that your work is the end of the road for you.

Something Michael Pollock helps people understand is that there are many career options out there; no one is “stuck” in his or her current job. He advises individuals seeking change to be open to new things.

He urges, “Go and volunteer at a non-profit; go meet people; (ask yourself) what might be fun.” Then explore whether or not those options/careers would fit your life.

Care for your spirit by finding a profession you love.

It is crucial to nurture your spirit – one way of doing this is to have an occupation you love. Finding your calling can be tough. Forbes advises, “Often, our truest passions emerge in childhood, only to be squelched by real life pressures. So think about what you loved long before you had to worry about your career.” This can help you discover possible jobs to explore.

Don’t settle for a passionless career or life. Take steps today to discover what stirs your heart and make a decision to become open to new things, people, and possibilities.

Are you ready to find your passion and perhaps even pursue a new vocation? Maybe you should begin by asking yourself what you would do if you had permission to do anything, and then take one small step toward that dream. For example, if you would love to be an artist, can you visit a studio? After that, can you purchase some art supplies? These small steps go a long way in rekindling enthusiasm.

As you progress in your journey, remember what Michael Pollock says, “Don’t force passion; just get out there, have experiences, and see what you get excited about.”

Send Mr. Pollock a message by visiting http://pollockspark.com/contact.


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