This wife, mother, life coach, and practicing medical professional speaks to a variety of audiences with one distinct goal: to motivate and equip

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Shelley’s approach to public presentation is creative, intriguing, and thought provoking. Using humor and poise, she connects with groups of individuals on topics relative to their current position. This allows Shelley to infuse each person with the tools he or she needs to move forward and be successful. What sets Shelley apart from other motivational speakers is her personal style. She uses a comical approach, outrageous stories, and personal dynamism to bring her message to life. Those who have heard her speak say Shelley is:

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  • Passionate about who she speaks to and what she speaks about
  • Able to catch the audience off guard with her humorous flair
  • Empowering in a way that motivates action
  • Fun loving and full of surprises!

These attributes and more are exemplified in her signature speech, “The WOW Factor.” This talk includes an account of the personal journey that led to greater self-appreciation and personal strength. As someone who is not afraid to discuss the actualities of life, but unwilling to excuse them as impossibilities, Shelley gets real with her audiences. Her passion for life is contagious. In effect, she serves as the spark that ignites real change.

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