Do you ever feel uncertain of your surroundings? Have you crossed paths with someone who makes you feel uneasy? If so, you’re not alone. In today’s society, feeling safe and secure seems like nothing more than a dream. However, people like realtor Sandy Cservenyak are taking security into their own hands by equipping, empowering and educating themselves with tools of self-defense.

Sandy Cservenyak is no average realtor. Tired of feeling anxious when meeting new clients and viewing vacant properties, Sandy took steps to protect herself. She got involved with the company Damsel in Defense. As a Damsel Pro, Sandy equips, empowers and educates women to know how to protect themselves, and in effect, she helps women raise their confidence levels.

In a brief interview with Dr. Shelley Plumb, Sandy discusses how self-protection may be the key to self-confidence and exposes how certain self-defense products can be carried easily, at any time, and never used against you.

Sandy also offers three take home tips you can use to protect yourself:

  1. If you are meeting someone new, be sure to have something on you (like pepper spray or a stun gun) to protect yourself.
  2. Carry some kind of flashlight, light or alarm with you when walking at night, especially when in parking lots and garages. (Damsel in Defense has flashlights on their stun guns.)
  3. Look people in the eye. A potential attacker is less likely to bother you if you make eye contact.

Watch Dr. Shelley Plumb’s short interview with self-defense pro Sandy Cservenyak.

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