Do you feel a sense of emptiness in your life? Although successful in some arenas, do you ever feel like something is “missing” or that you were “meant to do something different?”

What may be missing is something that no one can give you. To be truly happy, sometimes you have to understand who YOU truly are.

Start down the road to self-discovery… Start down the road to happiness…

We all have pivotal times in our lives where we find ourselves in emotional darkness. In these moments, it is easy to feel stifled, blind, and helpless as we struggle for a way out. The first response is often panic. Unfortunately this can lead to poor choices as we let go of intuition that instinctively guides us. Stripped of everything physically and mentally, we often find ourselves at “rock bottom”.

We all need help when in this dark place…

One Candle

Ignite the candle at the core of your being and unleash the architect of self-discovery. As you progress through our 3 phase program feel your courage, confidence, and determination build as you can become comfortable with your true self once again.

  1. Phase 1

    Recognize, define, and understand the “darkness” that can surround you

    Obtain the tools necessary to relax and rediscover your inner drive/self

    Light the “one candle” that can shed light on years of darkness

  2. Phase 2

    Once the candle is burning the real work begins

    Learn to focus on management and strength of the “Flame”

    Participants will be given the tools to necessary to keep the “One Candle” burning brighter and stronger as new ways of thinking are constructed

    Realize that only you can bring light to your darkness

  3. Phase 3

    Embrace both strengths and weaknesses

    As the outside world dramas and influences continually press, this phase is important to maintain balance

    Learn to fuel the flame. Do not allow others to “throw water on our candle” so to speak.

    Emphasis on reconnecting with ourselves on a regular basis

    Emphasis on connecting with others who are beginning the process

Shed light on the path to excellence…

By lighting the “One Candle” at the core of your being feel your spirit lift and your confidence build. Your new found light will illuminate an exciting path allowing you to become the architect of an amazing life worth living. As the infectious light meets the horizon, see clearly and connect with others along the way…feed their fire… After all, the more candles burning means less darkness in the world.

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