When it comes to working out, everyone has an excuse.

There are not enough hours in the day….Redoing hair and makeup takes too long…Only weirdoes hang out in the weight section….That guy doesn’t wear deodorant…. Going to the gym alone is boring…. Just one more t.v. show. The couch is so comfortable.

To fight these enemies of healthy living (a.k.a. excuses), individuals often try to find exercise routines that they enjoy. After all, a workout that feels like work is no fun. The good news is that pleasurable fitness routines exist and PlumbTalk Women knows where to find them.

Exhilaration Never Gets Old

When fitness feels like work it’s time for a new routine. Too many people drag themselves to gyms with little energy and even less enthusiasm – mostly because they understand that keeping a regular fitness schedule is monumental to a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise enables an individual to elevate his or her self-esteem and accomplish goals for healthy living. Many people who get a thrill from exercising want to spread this joy to others.

Two women who find cutting edge fitness to be exhilarating and infectious are Stephanie Ives and Andrea Enterlein. Both women have extensive training and certifications in areas of health, fitness and nutrition.

In addition, Stephanie specializes in group and personal instruction for aerobics, strength training, cycling, Kangoo and more. Andrea offers her expertise in areas like Pilates, full-body conditioning, developing unique fitness plans, and the Booty Barre technique.

Beyond their certifications, these women know how to make exercise a thrill. They accomplish this by providing workouts that are ahead of the trends.

On the Cutting Edge of Fitness

Stephanie and Andrea established Edge Fitness, a studio that approaches full body wellness with a twist. Their classes include contemporary music, vibrant lighting and party energy. This creates an exciting experience that makes men and women leave workouts saying, “Wow, that was different – Wow, that was fun!”

Fight Excuses

The ladies at Edge Fitness want to make working out enjoyable for all patrons. But these women are realists; they know some people feel like they are going to a second job when entering a gym. Still, Stephanie and Andrea hold tight to the belief that “all people can fall in love with fitness one fun exercise at a time.”

They offer five tips to those who want to incorporate fitness into their daily routines:

  1. Schedule a workout like it is an appointment
  2. Keep exercise clothes in the car – avoid going home at all costs
  3. Have an exercise buddy
  4. Pick an exercise class that is exciting to attend
  5. “Put yourself first”

A New Spin on Fitness

A person who enjoys high cardio, aerobic, dance-like exercise will find the classes at Edge Fitness to be perfect. The studio puts a new spin on traditional fitness tools like stationary bikes and ballet barres.

Three of the unique options Stephanie and Andrea offer include: Evo cycling, Booty Barre and Kangoo.

  • Evo Cycling is a new approach to a popular workout. The Evo Fitness Bike uses state-of-the-art technology that allows a person to pedal forward and move side-to-side.
  • Booty Barre is a full body workout that combines strength, stretching and cardio. Using a traditional ballet barre for much of the routine provides stability, making it easy to increase flexibility.
  • Kangoo Jumps are innovative orthotic boots that make for a great workout. After being used for rehab, a number of people wanted to use them for sport too.

An Activity to Look Forward To

The dancer turned American Idol judge Paula Abdul knows how to make fitness an activity to look forward to. Her outlet is dancing. She is known to say,

“Find fitness with fun dancing. It is fun and makes you forget about the dreaded exercise.”

Anyone can find a personal exercise routine that evokes feelings of passion and a spirit of determination. Discovering an exciting, one-of-a-kind approach to fitness is paramount to falling in love with activity.

Enjoy Life

More than healthy bodies, fitness can lead to healthy self-perceptions – which, in turn, results in a greater enjoyment of life. Stephanie Ives reminds PlumbTalk Women that partaking in aerobic and strength building activities enables people to “achieve goals and feel accomplished on a daily basis.”

She also claims that working out is a great way to bring about mental clarity because it allows a person to step away from a hard day’s frustrations.

In reality, no person is too busy, too old, too thin, or too heavy to find a fitness routine they enjoy. So ban the excuses and find something exhilarating to do.

A fitness routine that is enjoyable is a routine that will be adhered to. Look further, experiment, and find the activity that motivates you.

Learn more about exhilarating fitness from the pros. Contact Stephanie and Andrea. E-mail [email protected].

Continue to explore all that Edge Fitness in Palm Beach Gardens, FL offers: www.edgefitnesspalmbbeach.com.



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