Go Green

Hello Everyone,

It is a beautiful morning! It’s a time to celebrate the senses; the smell of fresh cut grass, the feel of a cool breeze, and the cheerful sound of birds singing. Bright fuchsia flowers sway gracefully on the trees. A few can be seen perched delicately on the grass before me. Each flower is prominent, displayed elegantly on a backdrop of green leaves and grass.


In nature, the color green provides such a beautiful canvas for nature to paint its masterpiece, doesn’t it? The world seems to come alive on the viridescent backdrop, communicating thoughts and feelings that would otherwise remain silent. What positive thoughts come to mind when you “think green”?

For me, the color green reminds me to embrace nature. In the great outdoors, green provides an enticing backdrop upon which feelings “pop” and creative ideas flow. There is excitement in that.

The concept of green reminds me of the importance of exploring proper nutrition; Green leafy vegetables the way nature intended. Proper nutrition is the backdrop upon which our very health is built. There is strength in that.

Green reminds me of respect: respecting our environment, our world. Our planet takes care of us; it protects us and feeds us. If we take care of it, it will continue to take care of us. There is comfort in that.

At PTW, July is the month for “going green.” Let’s celebrate the color that allows color to “POP” in nature. Going green can allow your world to come alive. Join me as I make my commitment this month.

~~ I will embrace nature. There is a nature center around the corner from here. I will carve out time this weekend and go for a walk and watch the colors blossom against a beautiful sea of green.

~~ I will explore nutrition. There is a farmer’s market just west of here. I think I will take the kids and go strawberry picking; load up on fresh fruits and vegetables and support our local farmers.

~~ I will respect the environment. I am determined to take an in depth look at my recycling habits and get my family involved in this endeavor. We will get those pesky little frogs out of the recycling bins once and for all and replace them with plastic bottles.

Go green this month and set your backdrop. By embracing nature, respecting our environment, and exploring nutrition life becomes vibrant. What an awesome background to watch your life blossom.

Best to you always!


This Month with PTW: Go Green

Go green


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We are each but a quarter note in a grand symphony. ~Guy Laliberte

Beauty surrounds us on a daily basis; beauty in the form of sounds, feelings, and actions. Together we compose a beautiful orchestra. We make music together. Today I realize that I am NOT alone. WE are never really alone. Take a look around you. What do you see?

Click here to experience the chords of nature’s symphony and read about Dr. Shelley Plumb’s journey from frustration to appreciation.

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