If your energy dips at two o’clock in the afternoon and spikes the moment you crawl into bed at night, you’re not alone. Too many people struggle with energy imbalances. Unfortunately, we are often told the culprit behind energy loss is age. This week, Dr. Kim Crawford of Age Well Solutions joins Dr. Shelley Plumb to debunk this rumour, address common causes of energy dips and provide us with tips for reclaiming our vitality.

Dr. Kim Crawford is a highly trained MD, board-certified in anti-aging and regenerative medicine (A4M). She helps people reclaim their lives by offering non-pharmaceutical energy increasing solutions.

In a brief 15-minute interview with Dr. Shelley Plumb, Dr. Kim shares 10 physical factors that cause energy drops, discusses the danger of mistaking low energy for depression and exposes a highly undiagnosed condition that may be driving your energy levels crazy.

Dr. Kim also offers three take home tips for increasing daily energy.

  1. Diet – “Try to eat real food,” she says. “Slow down and eliminate fast foods and processed foods.”
  2. Exercise – If you are able, be sure to embrace a physical fitness routine that includes both cardio and weight bearing exercises.
  3. Address your sleep patterns – Dr. Kim warns against taking prescription sleep aids. She advises that you figure out why you aren’t sleeping and address it naturally.

Watch Dr. Shelley Plumb’s short interview with anti-aging and regenerative medicine expert Dr. Kim Crawford.

Click here: https://join.onstreammedia.com/play/55373370/2255-energy-1. When you reach the login screen, enter your full name and use the password, “Energy.” Once you enter the webinar platform, the interview will begin automatically.



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