Energy and women’s health seems to be a constant topic of conversation through all the stages of our lives. In youth, we have hummingbird-like energy. As young adults, we seem to develop energy that enables us to stay up all night. In the early stages of our professional careers, we display go-getter energy. But as the years go on, too many of us will be faced with diminishing energy.

What robs us of energy as we age? Is low-energy an inescapable truth of aging or are there ways to combat these feelings?

In an article for the Del-Immune V blog, Dr. Shelley Plumb encourages readers to combat fatigue by focusing on the energy triad.

Here are the three points Dr. Plumb promotes:

  • Apex one: Fitness and Nutrition
  • Apex two: General health
  • Apex three: Spiritual growth

Dr. Plumb has found that if any one of these areas is not being attended to, it can rob our entire being of positive energy. However, if each apex is given the attention it deserves then the synchronicity of the energy triad can lead to an abundance of energy.

Read more about how Dr. Shelley Plumb’s energy triad can fight fatigue and boost energy. Click here:

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