I know a person that has lived much of her life in the past.

Some of her memories are wonderful, enriched by a childhood with loving friends and family, an adventurous career, and children of her own she cherishes dearly. Some thoughts of the past, however, taunt her as she relives errors in judgment and things she would have handled differently.

I know a person that lives in the future.

Her dreams are complicated, yet exciting. Her enthusiasm for all is difficult to contain. Dreams of the future constantly drive her forward toward a goal just out of reach. The drive is so strong that the journey at times is reckless and blind. Focus on the future pre-occupies every moment of her life.

From day to day where do your thoughts lie? Do you spend time re-living the past or obsessed about a future just out of reach? Memories of the past and dreams of the future help to define who we are. There are times, however, when reliving the past or dwelling in the future help to construct a negative self image and can hinder our enjoyment of everyday life. There would be no past or future if there were no present tense or “now.” Now is what defines us. Now is who we are. Now is what our children, family, and friends will remember of us. We cannot get the present tense back. The only thing we can do is live everyday to its fullest, enjoying and fully focused on the here and now. The past and the future can’t help but to fall into place.

Abraham Lincoln once said “I am a slow walker, but I never walk back.” Such inspiring words. It seems President Lincoln was urging us to walk slowly and enjoy what life has to offer today. Walking backward can only hinder your enjoyment of present moment…

I know a person who has learned from her mistakes.

I know a person that is making changes in her life. “Time outs” are no longer for preschool children. No matter how the day unfolds, she takes time out each day to enjoy what is going on around her. Her future is bright, her past even brighter, her NOW is radiant. After all, isn’t that what life is about?

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