Last week I dreamt I was at a crossroads.

Pointing left stood a figure dressed in Sparkling Gold, pointing right a figure in Shimmering Red.

The Gold figure spoke,
“Miriam, do you realise the power of the written word?

I am the Angel of Authors, come with me to captivate your followers by writing.”

Then the figure in Shimmering Red spoke,
“Miriam, do you realise you can connect by talking on stage?”

“I am the Angel of Public Speaking, come with me, use the power of your voice.”

“What Would you Rather Be?”

“Writer or Speaker?” they spoke in unison, awaiting my reply.

“I shall go directly ahead” I called out.

“I am an author, I can speak, I have a message to share. I will do both.”

I awoke, startled looking around, the figures had disappeared without a trace.

I started to question the isolated environment of an author and the connection of being a public speaker.

In Writing,

I have a responsibility to grab my readers attention, take them on an exciting journey, one they wish to go on. They can escape into my world by creating drama, intrigue, sadness, adventures, laughter, memorable moments with sprinkles of Irish humour.

Public Speaking

Stepping onto the stage, it is my job to engage, giving my audience a reason to listen and hear my voice. The words, the descriptive language, how I use the tone, sound and emotion in my voice must create dynamic impact.

I encourage the audience to interact as I speak from the heart.

Each of us has the power to uplift, affect change and growth within ourselves and others.

A voice whether on paper or face to face: is a powerful and empowering tool. I believe they equally add value for the reader and the audience.

That is why dear reader, “I am due at the page and the stage of writing and speaking.” They are my passions, and I have chosen to do both.

What Would you Rather Be?

Without pressure from outside influences, you choose, turn left, turn right or go directly ahead, follow the path that is right for you, in your work and the life that inspires you.

Miriam McGuirk


Twice published Author Miriam McGuirk has worked relentlessly for her writing success. Now with her titles stocked in Waterstones, her imminent breakthrough into the American market and third book to be released in 2017, her career as a blogger, author, public speaker, storyteller and commentator is surging full steam ahead…she has come a long way from her modest Dublin roots. Follow Miriam via her Blogs and ‘pics from the mountain’ on Facebook Page – Miriam McGuirk or through Twitter @Miriam_McGuirk.

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