On a Journey

You’re dreaming of being high up in the sky, on the edge of a cliff. Looking across you can see another peak that is as high as the one you’re standing on. A tightwire connects these two massive mountains. Firmly grasping a balance pole, you take a long, deep breath. The wind plays with your hair as you step onto the taut wire, and you begin the journey to the other side.

As you start walking, you think of where you’re at right at this very moment. You started on one peak with a clear vision of where you wanted to go. You knew the only way to get there would be to walk this tightwire all the way across. Now you’re doing it, one slow step at a time. The wire is serving as the vehicle that assists you on this journey.


This journey has a familiar feel to it. You’ve done this before. And yet you go through the uncertain emotions all over again as you peek to the right. That’s the crazy view – chaotic and cloudy. The chill in the air starts to permeate your spine, and you feel a sense of insecurity, like things may be getting out of control.

You look to your left and it’s the opposite view – amazing. It’s beautiful and crystal clear, warm and inviting. You can see for miles and miles. Your productive energy envelops you and you gain a sense of control again. There’s no uncertainty here, only confidence.


Walking the tightwire between amazing and crazy

You start to ponder what this scene represents, dissecting it using a pros and cons method. The crazy side forces you to step out of the box and do something new. You’re taking a huge risk that may pay off. You’re spreading your wings. But on the flip side, failure is probable. Others may look at you adversely. This venture is the ultimate risk.

The amazing side is less risky, which means failure is less likely. In the eyes of others, this journey falls within the “norm.”

But amazing represents staying within a predetermined box, meaning you could miss out on opportunities. You will never soar if you don’t allow yourself to try something new.


Balancing Act

In order to accomplish an extraordinary feat, you really need to combine the “crazy” and “amazing” elements. Too much or too little of either one will tilt the balance in the wrong direction and you will fall. Your goal will be unrealized and you’ll remain unfulfilled.

Your balance pole keeps both elements aligned and in check and gives you the courage to make your journey. Yes it’s crazy, but you are proceeding in the name of what is right, despite adverse judgment. And you know you can pull in the reigns when needed.

It’s also amazing! You’re trying something new, spreading your wings, stepping out of the box when the time is right; and only you know when it’s time.

Getting to the other side

You’re almost ready to step onto the other cliff that represents your destination, having held your nerve high above the canyon. The wind is behind you now. Your foot reaches solid ground and a sense of pride wells up inside of you, knowing you’ve achieved your goal. You already feel motivated to start another adventure. Where will this one take you? You awake from your dream, ready to conquer the world, one peak at a time.

Call to action

  1. Do you ever feel as if you are walking a “tightwire” in everyday life? How do you deal with this?
  2. Share something “Extraordinary” you have accomplished by “stepping out of the box.”

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