Walk Tall

 If I asked you how tall you are what would you say?

Of the hundreds of new clients I’ve posed this question to, 99.9% of them NEVER answer definitively. Mostly, the response is “I used to be…”, “and “I once was…”.

Why is this?

Are they really shrinking? Sadly, yes. Failing to recognize the importance of holding up your bodily architecture results in poor posture.  The consequences of this are not only measurable in inches but in the loss of muscles, energy, coordination, balance and soooooo many other vital functions.  

Did I mention the financial loss?  

Though, I’m sure you don’t really care about that.  (Ha!) This is the NOT inevitable, however. I am here to campaign for the most valuable real estate in your body, that disc space in your spine. While you read this, sit to the front of edge of your chair instead of deeply in the cushions. This keeps you from sitting on L3 & L4. As you walk, are you leading with your nose? It’s not the Kentucky Derby! Your neck is not like the stick of a lollipop in the center of your giant cranium.

Check out people’s profiles and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s EVERYWHERE. Think about it. Chiropractors, orthopedics, and massage therapists are making gazillions treating these areas simply because people don’t know how to organize themselves and their movements. Holding up your body isn’t just aesthetic, it’s mandatory for your good health, and it builds muscle. People take for granted that the vault of all their human electronics runs along the spine. It’s not just your muscles and joints that take a beating when your posture is bad.  When your back bones fall onto your spinal canal communicating, breathing and even thinking can be impaired.

Walk tall. It matters.

Charlie Tooch

iCore Pilates Coordinator

PGA National Sports & Racquet Club

772 528 4232


Rossiter Unit 3 Coach

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