Lights…camera…action! With regards to effective promotional videos we have found that one must be prepared before standing in front of the camera for the first time. Let us explain…

Research:  Know your brand and your competition.  Be familiar with the videos companies in your industry are doing.  Take in several examples of videos and make a note…what do you like?  What do you not like?  Your goal is NOT to replicate, rather to compile a look/feel that correctly exemplifies your company and its mission.

Organized Script:  Ok…Ok…yes, we know there are some out there saying “I will just wing it”, but for most that is not a good idea.  Looking back at the promotional videos we have done, the ones where the client had a well-organized script were by far the most professionally executed. This concept is perfectly visualized in the video below:

The Sharper Image Group Video

We are proud to report that the client in this video wrote her script, forwarded it to us for revisions and let’s be honest…ROCKED THE STAGE!   Whoohoo, right?

Rehearse:  The day you walk into the studio to record should not be the day that you read the script for the first time.  We recommend a 3-step approach…

1) Rehearse: In front of the mirror at home or in office

2) Rehearse: In front of friends, staff and/or family

3) Rehearse: In the studio in front of the lights and camera

Appearance:  We are up front and honest in telling you that hair and makeup can make or break a video.  If you are attempting to communicate a strong message and your hair is a mess or your face is pale as a ghost, the viewer will be distracted by this and may miss the meaning behind your words altogether.

Quality:  Never…never…skimp on quality.  EVER.  As the saying goes you have one chance to make a first impression.  Lighting matters. Camera angles matter. Backdrop choices matter.  It is possible to pay special attention to detail without breaking the bank.

 So, there you have it…a few points to consider when producing your next promotional video. We LOVE the creative process!


Dr. Shelley Plumb

CEO PlumbTalk Productions

[email protected]

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