Conflict at Work

There are moments at our workplaces that seem unreal or absurdly unfair; moments when you think, is this really happening? Am I really being berated for something that wasn’t my fault? Is my manager going to do his due diligence and follow up with all parties involved to right this wrong?

When you see that he won’t, and that he is going to punish you by taking away one of the few tasks that you actually like to do, your head starts to spin. It feels like the entire office is conspiring against you. Anger takes hold. Frustration flows through your veins. Your stress levels jump off the charts. You want to smash that stupid “World’s Best Boss” mug against the wall while letting out a roar. Instead, you do nothing, letting all those negative feelings simmer. This type of scenario is all too familiar for many women in the workplace.

At the End of Your Rope

As you drive home, your thoughts are consumed by the conflict, and your hands grip the wheel tighter. You know you should let it go, but you can’t. Stress balls form in your neck and travel up to your head. You’re having a hard time breathing normally. You’re at the end of your rope.

You walk in the door feeling as if you’re dragging a two hundred pound weight behind you.

Your thoughts try to turn to more positive things, like sitting down with your husband and sharing a great meal, but those negative thoughts just won’t leave, and you’re an emotional wreck. Your stomach is twisted like a pretzel.

What are your choices here? Do you release the rope and throw your hands up in despair, or do you stand up straight, take a deep breath, grab the rope and keep climbing?

What makes you let go?

You’re exhausted from the constant battle at the office and may not want to continue to fight. After all, what will you gain? More battles from opponents who want to see you fail. You can feel your motivation waning. Your energy has been completely drained from trying so hard to hang on. You fear what you may encounter if you keep climbing upwards. Is the climb worth a monumental effort?

What keeps you on the rope?

Strength and courage will keep you hanging on. You will summon the energy to tackle this problem because you know you have the perseverance inside of you. Obstacles like these are temporary hurdles. They go away just like the negativity will once you overpower it with your resilience. There is hope for tomorrow. A new day will bring a different perspective.

The Knot

Voices on the outside have advised you to take different roads. But this is not about them. It’s about YOU. Only YOU know what’s right for you. Listen to yourself, not the chatter of opinions around you.

You know that if you keep climbing, and tie another knot, you can achieve success. That is what your gut tells you. But if you don’t tie it, it may be a decision you’ll regret because you’ll never know what would’ve happened.

This is not an easy decision but this is life.

Tie a knot

Only you know what is right for you. Have confidence in yourself and your own decision-making process.

When you climb the rope, you are persevering and not allowing your own fears to win. Push all doubts aside. Not climbing up is the equivalent of coulda-shoulda-woulda.

That next day, enter your office feeling empowered to do something about the conflict. March into your manager’s office and diplomatically and calmly explain the situation and why you’re feeling slighted.

Tie the knot, climb up, and then triumphantly exclaim, “I did it!”

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  1. Share with our readers techniques you utilize to “silence” the outside world. How does that help you listen to your own internal voice?
  2. Share with our readers an example of how you have “tied a knot” and climbed the rope to success in your life.

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