Interview at the Palm Beach Film Festival 2016

We had some amazing conversations we had at the Palm Beach International Film Festival. Our interview with the producers of The Wedding Invitation stands out for three reasons: women, comedy, and empowerment!

Producers Rainy Kerwin and Narmar Hanna spoke to PlumbTalk about the film, which was nominated for Best Feature. Rainy — who wrote, directed, and starred in the movie as well – tells us about trying to find good “meaty” roles as a struggling actor in L.A. It motivated her to write her own funny role so that she wouldn’t have to play secondary to anyone. The result is a comedy that has been receiving positive reception. Initial screenings have garnered great feedback from guys as well as women, dispelling doubt that The Wedding Invitation could be much more than a chick flick.


From Nods to Proms

From nods to ‘80s proms, to depictions of those awkward but very real moments that we all experience in our journeys toward love, The Wedding Invitation is building its audience at film festivals around the U.S.

Co-producer Narmar (who also has a bit part in the movie) describes heading the all-female crew – and the party atmosphere that resulted. Together, she and Rainy built the environment in which they worked. And they seemed to have found a formula for maximizing positive interaction! These women are examples of the kind of achievement that is possible when we prioritize the relationships that surround us in our lives.

The Wedding Invitation is in theaters February 2017.

Check out the PlumbTalk Women interview with Rainy Kerwin and Narmar Hanna on Vimeo. Connect with the production team and get updates on The Wedding Invitation on their Facebook page at


Your Turn!

Who are your party people? How do you make sure you’re surrounded in positive relationships?

(Bonus question: got suggestions for other good movies to share with special friends?)

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