Walking into a candy store as a child is like living out a dream and a nightmare in the same breath. There are so many tempting items – licorice, gumballs, tootsie rolls, lollipops – and so many wonderful aromas like freshly made fudge. People are buzzing about, the register is ka-chinging, bags are being filled to the brim. It’s sensory overload! There’s almost TOO MUCH excitement and anticipation. It’s overwhelming you.

Practicing Restraint

Then you hear those dreaded words. “Pick just one thing.” WHAT?! Why are they torturing me like this? You know you have to make a good choice because there are no returns. You feel the pressure to choose wisely. You don’t want to get the, “Are you sure that’s the one you really want” question.

Maybe this is our first lesson in practicing restraint. It feels like we’re taught to listen to others and not to our own intuition.


Life’s Candy Store

We carry those same feelings through our lives. We have lots of choices. Maybe they don’t reside on the shelves of a sweet-smelling store, and maybe there isn’t a frantic scene playing out around them, but there are options in life, and there are also many methods we can utilize to unearth these options.

We can learn how to decrease stress or enhance our relationships by reading books on the topics. Music has been a great healer for many people since the first instrument was played. These things enrich our minds.

We can literally shop for items that enrich our body, like nutritional books, fitness DVDs, natural beauty products that can make us look and feel spectacular, and of course nature’s sweets like strawberries, blueberries and apples.

There are also resources and even products that can nurture your spirit and make you feel good about being you. These things can inspire you, make you feel safe and secure, and even drive you to inspire others. Something that always gives me a boost is volunteering. When I take part in an event that is for the greater good, and I see others doing the exact same thing, sharing their time to educate the public, there is an overwhelming sense of positivity, like the human race is going to be alright. We can make it.

It’s Your Life

We aren’t kids in a candy store anymore. We don’t need to rely on others for guidance. We don’t face limited choices. We aren’t under pressure from others to make the right choice.

We are functioning beings living a life worth living. We rely on our own intuition and are less reliant on others.


What do you stand for? What do you want out of life? Walk into life’s store filled with confidence, not dread. Be sure in your feelings and know what you want. Maybe you want less stress or more from your relationship. Find out what connection you want to make with YOU. Is it a healthier you, a wiser you, a stronger you? Only YOU know YOU.

To get there, tap into the vast amount of resources available. Search the “shelves” and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, ask for help. In life’s store, you can try out everything, and yes, even return or exchange.


Experience Renewed Confidence

After you find what you’re seeking, you’ll enjoy the sweet smell of success instead of the lingering smell of fudge that you wanted to buy but couldn’t. You’ll experience a new level of confidence that feels like your spirit being lifted to new heights. As Marianne Williamson says,

“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.”

Life’s store is always open, and the shelves are stocked with an unlimited supply of resources. It’s also filled with an entire community of like-minded individuals like you. When you utilize these resources, it excites you and makes you want to share your newfound knowledge with them.

Call to Action

  • What resources have you found that have helped “pull” you or a loved one out of a difficult “life” situation?
  • List an example of someone or something that has discouraged you in your past from achieving your How did you handle it?
  • Are there resources you need to assist you in the quest to better yourself, but have not yet found?

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