On a recent day, I felt like a superhero. There was no costume change or silly catchphrase to utter, but there was a significant rise in my strength, like a video game character receiving a power-up. That was the only way I was going to make it through a marathon morning meeting, lunch with gal pals, an afternoon doctor’s appointment, a 12-pancake stack of work back at the office, a trip to the grocery store, then a musical at my kid’s school. Talk about a juggling act!

The Many Hats We Wear

Women play as many roles as A-list actors, and we feel like we have to play all of them at “Meryl Streep” level. These roles, or hats, if you will, include:

  • Wife – Honey, where are my socks… you know the black ones with the gold tips?
  • Mother – Mommy, can we make cookies and then watch a movie?
  • Sister – Are we going shopping on Saturday?
  • Friend – Oh my gosh, you have to see what the ex sent me now! He’s incorrigible!
  • Employee – Try to get that done before you leave today….

And the award for best performance in a hat-wearing role goes to…

(Insert YOUR name HERE)

The Key to Happiness

Before we stop to ponder all that hat changing, let’s consider some essential hats. Not only are the following hats never to be forgotten, but they might just be integral to achieving true happiness. Deliberate each one carefully.


This hat empowers us to do good in the world. By extending a kindhearted hand into another person’s world, we can embrace what it means to be a part of the human race. This is a very satisfying feeling.


There are little hats within this giant hat, like the love you feel for your relatives, your spouse, your kids, and your friends. But what about the love you have for yourself? Every single one of us is worthy of this love, but it might just be the most overlooked of all the loves. When you love who you are, warts and all, you’ll become a stronger member of society because acceptance starts with you.


This doesn’t mean the courage to run into a burning building. For some, it’s more complicated than that. It means the courage to keep moving forward. This hat is like a magic potion. By wearing it, we feel like we can put the past behind us. We can push aside doubts, fears, and obstacles with one swipe. And when we show this courage to others, it’s contagious. If they can do it, so can I!


Having the strength to forgive and move on is not easy. This is a learned trait that takes years of practice. But when you finally put on this hat, you’ll feel so much better spiritually. And when you say to someone, “I forgive you,” it may just melt away their pain, too.

There are many hats to wear, and we can’t wear all of them equally. Instead of trying to make all of them fit snugly, focus on the ones that will lead to happiness and fulfillment…compassion, love, courage, and strength. Without these hats, we’re just another B-grade actress stumbling through our role in life.

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  2. Which hat do you find the most difficult to wear?

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