Have you ever suffered from clinical depression? Do you know someone who struggles with anxiety? These are very real things that affect millions of people. There has been talk in recent years about mindfulness as an alternative therapy for many ailments. What if we took mindfulness just one step further and look at the concept of creativity? Let’s take a good long look at debilitating conditions such as cancer; what if creativity could be helpful in dealing with life-altering conditions?

After watching the trailer for the upcoming movie–Guys Reading Poems, the PlumbTalk Team starting asking questions about creativity and how it affects our overall wellbeing. The thought-provoking movie produced by Hunter Hughes and Jason Fracaro takes us on a journey through the mind of a boy trapped in a puppet box. He survives the ordeal by keeping his creative mind alive in unimaginable ways. Incredible…the power of creativity. Is it necessary for our survival?

We researched the subject and here is what we discovered…

Creativity and Positivity

In a roundup of over 100 studies on art and healing, there were amazing benefits found when cancer patients engaged in creative activity. It not only distracted sick patients from their illness, the visual arts were specifically shown to decrease “the amount of negative thoughts and increased the amount of positive thoughts.”

These patients even experienced “improved medical outcomes” and a reduction in depression. People often talk about the power of positive thinking, but what if that is not where the cycle starts? The creative mind just might be the spark that ignites the fire of passion in the heart of all of us.

Creativity as a Booster Shot

In a study of HIV patients, “the act of writing actually impacted the cells inside the patient’s body and improved their immune system.” Now, this doesn’t mean that we should ignore medical treatment for serious ailments but what if we could utilize creativity as a booster shot? Serious illness takes an incredible amount of time and energy and ultimately take its toll on families emotionally and physically. Perhaps creativity expression should be nurtured and made a priority.

All this data is well and good but how does it work? On an emotional level, expressing ourselves through creativity is not only an outlet, it also distracts our minds from the negative situations that surround us. It’s a release.

So, What Can We Do?

Here at PlumbTalk we acknowledge that being creative means different things to different people. For many, it seems, creativity flourishes in a quiet mind. We must shut out the noise. Try something new. Believe in ourselves. Attempt new things. People who say, “I’m not creative” were probably told that by someone at some point in their lives. Don’t believe it. It’s a lie. We all have the ability to be creative.

Never stop learning and growing and don’t be afraid to redefine failure. If there has ever been a person who told you that you weren’t creative, we sure hope that you did not listen. Don’t let their voice drown you out. Creating a masterpiece is not what is important. Keeping your mind alive with something new is vital. Don’t give up on creativity. Keep going. The opportunities are surely endless.

Nina Biagini


NB Creative, Inc.

PlumbTalk Content Manager

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