Anxiety is not always caused by stress nor is it necessarily a psychological ailment.

There are many different causes, forms, and layers of anxiety. Yes, there is even normal anxiety. It is the excessive anxiety which interrupts our lives either physically or by not allowing us to feel comfortable and enjoy living life the way we want and deserve. The way to handle excessive anxiety may differ based on the causes and forms. There are many different layers of the human psyche from which anxiety can emanate. For the purposes of this discussion, we will limit this to the 7 main areas of our psyche identified as Slow Cortical, Delta, Theta, Alpha, SMR, Beta and Gamma brainwave frequency bands. Imbalances and or excessive energy in any combination of these frequency bands can cause excessive anxiety. Depending on the imbalance combination, the anxiety will feel and manifest differently which may require a different way to mitigate it. Not all anxiety is the same nor should it be treated as such which is often why medicines don’t work or stop working.

These are the different layers of anxiety:

Slow Cortical Anxiety

This is anxiety that manifests physically or affects function, causing digestion, sleep, eczema, fibromyalgia, Tourette’s syndrome, many other physical afflictions, focus and concentration issues, learning disabilities, phobias, obsession issues or compulsion issues. It is indicated by imbalances and/or excessive energy in the Slow Cortical range of the brain.

Delta Level Anxiety

This anxiety manifests itself with hyper-vigilance and over-reaction at the sensory and or emotional levels can cause the problems described above and creates excessive reactions like fight/flight/freeze/panic.

Theta Anxiety

This is a layer of anxiety which manifests in emotional responses and in interpersonal relationships in the areas of trust, safety, control, loyalty, commitment and behavioral issues. Of course, the most important interpersonal relationship is the one with ourselves.

SMR Anxiety

SMR anxiety manifests itself physical overreactions, such as allergies, eczema, ticks, spasms, immune system issues and hyper-active responses.

Beta Range Anxiety

This is anxiety which manifests in worry, anxiety, obsessive fear patterns, compulsive fear patterns, excessive and or prolonged emotional responses, confusion, misunderstanding, extremists behavior and many other behavioral issues.

Gamma Anxiety

This level of anxiety manifests itself disassociation (numbness) or mortality and levels of existence issues.

Geoffrey A. Cole, Clinical director and co-founder of Pathwaves

Pathwaves, Miami, Fla. was co-founded by Geoffrey A. Cole, Clinical Director and creator of Neural Empowerment. Neural Empowerment is a healing process which combines integrated biofeedback, Brainwave Optimization, functional medicine, and psychology. A process of re-parenting our cells using the latest technology coupled with over a three decades of experience in the mental health industry. Geoffrey A. Cole has helped over 2000 clients and analyzed over 1,500 brain maps as well as created, performed and facilitated over 30,000 sessions. He is one of the most experienced people in the world in his field. Visit

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Learning the origin and layer of the anxiety greatly assists you in figuring out how to stop suffering from anxiety. Do you suffer from anxiety? Does learning about it from this point of view help you to understand it and yourself a little better?

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