Did you hear about so-and-so? She lost 100 pounds and I’m sitting on the couch eating ice cream. But it would be nice to play with the kids without losing my breath.

What about you-know-who? She saved enough to buy that little cottage by the water and Im paying the minimum on my credit card each month. Where does it all go? How did she do it?

Most of us know what we should do. We should eat better. We should be more aware of where our money is going. We should make time for physical fitness. We should watch less television and on and on. But there’s a gap between knowing what we should do and actually doing it.

There is a way to bridge that gap. We just need some motivation. But where do we find it? Can you buy it? Is it bottled? Are there magic words I can say?

How do we ignite the flame of motivation and keep it burning?

Prioritize and Let Go of Comparison

There will always be a long list of shoulds. What do we truly value personally and why? If we are only doing something because we should do it, that flame of motivation may burn bright fast and die just as quickly.

Forget about so-and-so and you-know-who. You aren’t doing this because they did it. You are doing it because you want and need to do it.

You are Key

You light the first match yourself. You have to believe something is important and worth doing. If you don’t believe in your cause, you’re setting yourself up for disaster.

Goals and Grace

Set specific goals and have a plan to accomplish them. Don’t forget to celebrate your achievements. When you don’t make it, extend yourself grace. Failure isn’t the enemy to motivation. Instead, it’s the guilt from that misstep that douses the fire.

Accountability and Support

No woman is an island. When something goes from a should to a personal and real desire, share it with your support system. Put guard rails up to help keep you on the road to your goal, whether it is a friend promising to ask how you are doing when it comes to your nutrition or writing down what you eat each day.

Remember Why You Started

Why did it first hit you that you wanted and needed to spend more time with your kids? What was the catalyst that helped you go from having money problems to taking the first step to create a budget? What feelings led you to step outside your comfort zone to call the nutritionist after the doctor told you that things needed to change?

Remember what lit the fire within you back at the beginning, what fed that first flame. Carry it like a torch in front of you to light your way and keep going.

Nina Biagini
NB Creative, Inc.
PlumbTalk Content Manager
[email protected]

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