A definition of resistance is “a force, such as friction, that operates opposite the direction of motion of a body and tends to prevent or slow down the body’s motion”.

Is there a greater joy than seeing a child play at the beach? A short while ago, I saw a little boy at building a castle at the edge of some water. He was creating a muddy mess, and the waves were ruining his progress. His method was obviously not efficient. His stress was evident. The child was frustrated.

With each new wave he would try to build his wall taller. But without fail, another wave would come to destroy it. Resistance was met with resistance. The little boy was focusing only on the wave and how it affected his castle.

Everyday Friction

We are met with resistance every day of our lives. You don’t think so?

Let me ask this: today, have you felt…

  • Frustrated?
  • Anxious?
  • Stressed?
  • Angry?

…or out of sorts in any way? If you have, there is conflict in your mind.

Where is Conflict Coming From?

There is a force that is operating in opposition to your way of thinking – what you know to be right. What, or who, is it? A passive-aggressive friend? A pushy co-worker? A jealous ex-spouse? Whose energy is pushing back against you like the force of the ocean’s waves?

The Gorgeous Scene at the Beach

Let’s go back to that little boy on the beach and watch the last cruel wave destroy his castle. Watch him as he gets up on his feet. He has his hands on his hips, examining the situation.

Then, you see him start to relax. Whether he knows it consciously or not, he seems like he has decided destruction is not going to happen anymore; he refuses to put up a wall against the ocean.

He sinks to his knees and traces a line in the sand with the tip of his finger. Suddenly, there is a burst of activity as he reconstructs his dream castle. As he digs around his creation a moat is created and a lazy river develops after water rushes in. The ocean is no longer destroying his dream but has become a source of water that is contributing to its beauty.

Now the little boy creates a bigger castle, a magical place in his imagination. As his work progresses, you see him sigh. He is relaxed and relieved. He is proud of his castle.

See Resistance for What it is.

Life’s resistance is a force. It is a friction. It operates the opposite of what feels right to us. And it is something we feel intuitively.

This resistance is meant to stop us. It gives us a chance to re-evaluate our lives. It points us down a different road, one that is less traveled. There is a road out there, for us to find, where we are allowed to relax – where there is no friction. There is no opposing force. Resistance is gone.

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