Sitting on a boat in the ocean, you see almost nothing but sky, the horizon off in the distance, the sun or the moon, and of course the vast amounts of water. It can be mesmerizing. You gaze at the surface of the water then you try to focus on what’s below the surface. As the lazy waves tickle the bottom of your boat, a sense of wonder wells up inside of you. What’s hiding in the water below the surface? You know that there’s a bustling hub of activity deep below your view, even though you can’t see it or touch it. Have you ever had that nagging feeling, wondering, is there something hiding below my surface? What was I really meant to do with my life? This is a powerful sensation. At its very core is passion.

Pearls and Passion

We can equate passion to a pearl. A pearl is at the heart of an oyster, while passion is at the heart of each of us. Both are equally beautiful. A pearl is not created until a foreign invader enters the oyster. The oyster, seeking to protect itself, builds layer upon layer of nacre to surround the unwanted guest. The result is a pearl! Something negative was turned into something extremely positive. This is also true for passion. Perceived negatives can be turned into overwhelming positives. You may have passion that is unrealized. It’s there, deep inside of you, but it hasn’t been awakened yet. As you mature, you gain the powerful components that are required to realize your passion: Experience, Organization, and Knowledge. These are the outside influences, much like the irritant that set that nacre to work, that create your own magnificent pearl. Influences can come from both positive and negative experiences and relationships. As you internalize this information, you add layers. The layers continue to accumulate, causing a natural reaction inside of you. Much like the nacre forming a pearl around a tiny grain, your inner strength forms a beautiful pearl, and it comes in the form of a giant ball of passion and a renewed sense of spirit.

Utilizing Your Experiences

Wow, think about how an uninvited foreign substance is the first necessary step to developing a timeless treasure. Amazing! Talk about turning a negative into a positive! Pearls and passion reside at the heart of all living creatures, each taking pieces of the surrounding world and using them to fully develop into something mature and beautiful. Look beneath your own surface. Ride each and every wave, big or small, with zeal, and explore what’s beyond your horizon. There’s a gem to be discovered, and you will have fun polishing it.

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