We often use a windowless white room as a metaphor for death. Some people imagine such a room to be peaceful, while others find it fills them with feelings of dread or fear.

Imagine the room as a waiting room to utopia, but you were trapped there. How would you deal with it? Would you cry, panic, attack the walls in anger, or retire to a corner and wait? Now imagine your mother, your boss, or an acquaintance in that room. Can you predict how they would react? Of course not. Everyone acts differently when faced with powerlessness.

The roads to suicide are unpredictable. When someone is living through a period of overwhelming despair, it takes a unique toll on the mind, spirit, and body.

Can We Escape Pain?

For those of us who have been close to suicide – because we experienced the feelings ourselves or had to watch someone go through it – we will always carry some part of it with us. In the midst of it, it can seem like there is nothing you can say or do to make the horrible feelings go away. For those drowning in darkness, suicide can seem like the only way to gain control over the situation.

It takes a lot of energy to overcome this kind of darkness. Many suicidal people, beat down by life, find it’s too much energy to gather on their own. They may reach out, and display warning signs, sometimes in surprising ways. They often need the help of others to take the necessary steps away from suicide.

These kinds of big, difficult steps start with a small act: talking about it. Suicide has been a taboo subject too long – let’s make it safe to talk about. Avoiding pain is not the answer, nor is it even possible. Sharing experiences and talking about ways through the pain is the only way out.


Trigger is one brave way someone is talking about it. The film is directed by Chris Folkens, who lost someone to suicide (and almost lost another). Watch the PlumbTalk interview at the Palm Beach International Film Festival where we discussed Trigger, the effects of suicide, and how the only way out of pain is through it.

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