Many of us remember the moment when we discovered our parents were right.

We come to see that forcing us to eat vegetables was not cruel, unusual punishment. They were only looking out for our wellbeing, after all. This becomes apparent when we realize the health benefits and unique satisfaction that comes from eating nutritious whole foods.

But knowing this does not stop us from wanting to be naughty sometimes. It seems that unhealthy diet options taunt us easily, even though we know better than to indulge.

In The Huffington Post article, Nutty or Naughty, Dr. Shelley Plumb points out three common factors that have the power to sway our health conscious minds.

  1. Media

  2. Temptation

  3. Convenience

Ignoring these influences is imperative to living a healthy life. But avoiding media-glorified, tempting, convenient foods is easier said than done. Instead of passively ignoring these options, we need to take action.

Learn ways to overcome naughty temptations by reading Dr. Shelley Plumb’s article, Nutty or Naughty. In this Huffington Post blog she focuses on ways we can stop ourselves from making naughty food choices by incorporating proactive health solutions into our busy lives.

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