Have you ever had a rough day at work that followed you home? You slump into your favorite chair on the porch as you get home, contemplating your day. Perhaps there were files or papers not done on time. Your boss turned to you for an explanation, and your immediate reaction was to blame the assistant for slow copying, or to criticize the IT person for not fixing the computer. Later, you even judge your boss for being “too picky.”

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” ― Robert Frost

How many times have you caught yourself staring out the window into the backyard, mindlessly watching the kids bouncing a soccer ball around? Do you sit out on the bench at the playground, letting the kids scramble over the playground equipment in their happy innocence? They’ve got to get their energy out, after all. They’re running, laughing happily in the warm sun and light breeze.

You’re with them in spirit, but where is your body? Benched. Watching from the sidelines. It is tired, rundown, and your mind is too full of schedules and appointments – or there’s a nagging image of a laundry basket waiting for you. You’re watching the kids play, but you’re far from enjoying it. You’re out of gas.

Imagine if you were a car – a long, sleek, black vehicle. It is beautiful. Imagine someone gets in and turns the key, but you splutter and don’t start. There have been no tune-ups or oil changes. At this very moment, you have lost your main purpose as a car. A little bit of outer polish means nothing when there’s no proactive maintenance!

What will happen if you run on empty for too long? The damage will be done. It will be too late to catch up once the car has died. Your body is no exception.

You at 100%

Picture yourself 100% healthy. You’ve got your stress and health under control. How do you feel? Are you vibrant? Energetic? Confident? Beautiful?

Dear lady, you are beautiful already. The other ones – vibrant, energetic, confident – all manifest when you are able to fully engage and take an active interest in yourself. And it starts with maintaining your health through the choices that you make.

What Must You Do?

Be proactive! Take a small step towards a healthier lifestyle. You must believe that the small step is worth it. You are metaphorically putting gas back in your tank and heading off problems before they start.

Don’t be reactive. What’s done is done. Your health issues have already been established. Any damage that exists is done. The next step is not to do more damage, but to start healing.

Make Choices with Love in Mind

We all have choices in life, whether it’s in who we are or what we do. We can “do” instead of complain. (Or we can complain under our breath so that others only see the best of us!) We can love instead of hate. Love is active. Love is a choice. We can choose to love and be loved.

When you make choices about your health, you are choosing love for yourself and your body. Are you choosing proactively or reactively?

When you catch yourself staring out at the kids playing in the backyard or on the playground – will you be able to make a choice then? It may be one of the most important choices you make, because you only have one life, and it’s too short when you consider that love is infinite.

  • Choose to engage life, and not just watch it go by.
  • Choose to confront each day with energy and not with fatigue.
  • Choose to treasure each precious moment.
  • Live in each moment as long as you can!

These are choices to make with self-love and your loved ones in mind. When you accept that you have the power of choice, you can be at peace with the knowledge that when your gas tank runs low, you have what it takes to refill it to the fullest!

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