Who are you? Are you a mother, a professional, an artist, a thinker, a problem solver? You’re likely a combination of many of these things. We live in a 24-hour, multi-tasking world that asks us to do—and be—so many things.

Imagine a hectic day. (You probably don’t have to think too hard!) You have an arm full of groceries as you walk in the door. What do you hear? A child, a dog, or a husband is demanding your attention before you can get both feet into the house. The grocery bag slips and starts to tip, and before you know it, a bag of flour has tumbled to the floor. It splits open. You look at the broken bag and the mess, defeated. Your arms are lighter now, but somehow your empty arms and empty heart make you feel heavier.

What would a fly on the wall say to this scene?

Everything Has a Way of Escalating

  • An unkind word can make your open mind close. It’s as if you slam a door shut.
  • A heartless gesture can make your defenses go up. It’s as if you’re building a barricade.
  • Selfish actions happen when you let your ego take over. It’s like a lock on a door.

If the walls could talk, what would they say? They might feel they’re not part of a home. Instead, they’re part of a fortress, or a trap.

Tear Down the Emotional Walls Around You

There is a reason people say “The home is where the heart is.” Your heart and soul breathe life into the walls of your house and makes it a home. You define whether those walls are meant to cave in on you, or if they’re part of a supportive foundation.

When you lead with your heart, three predominant forces take over:

  1. Love, which opens minds and unlocks doors
  2. Kindness, which penetrates barriers and brings down defenses
  3. Compassion, which connects us with the spirit and with our true selves

Leading with your heart connects you to the true you. Remodel, renew, and revitalize yourself for a happy home, which is a reflection of you. Leave your ego outside. Unlock the bolted doors and throw open the windows to let the light in.

What the Walls are Saying

Imagine yourself back in the kitchen, at the scene of the mess. The overwhelming pressures that made you drop that bag of flour in the first place seem to be pressing down on you. This is the foundation for an unhappy home. Your closed mind has slammed the door on love. You’re defensive. You’ve built barriers that let no one in. You’ve locked the door and refuse to hand the key to anyone. What can you do?

Focus instead on your heart: an ounce of love, an ounce of kindness, and an ounce of compassion are worth a pound of happiness. It is up to us to welcome happiness into our homes, our hearts, and our lives.

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