What is a true friend? A true friend lets me be myself. When we are together, we are more than the sum of our parts.

She is my… Cheerleader

She lifts me higher than anyone else can. Somehow, her words hold a stronger power than others’ do. She showers me with praise when things have gone well. She is the face of encouragement, the embodiment of inspiration. While others expect something from me, barely giving me the time of day unless I bring home a win, she cheers me on just for being in the race. She’s the one on the sidelines with a smile on her face.

She is my… Favorite Blanket

She is cozy and familiar. Her words are as calming as her hug, always warm, always inviting. She is my comfort in times of need. In her presence, I feel secure. I am physically and emotionally comfortable with her. My heart is at rest and my soul is at home.

She is my… Knight in Shining Armor

She is quick to draw her sword when she feels I am in danger. She jumps to my defense, and shoots down people who try to bring me down. Depending on her does not make me weaker. She helps me see the strength that lies within me. My confidence is effortless around her.

She is my… Shoulder to Cry On

No matter how bleak things look, no matter what I have done or said, and no matter how desolate or dark I feel, she has always been there. I can turn to her with tears in my eyes, and she will be there to understand. To wipe away my tears. Care and compassion is how we communicate.

She is my… Magic Mirror

I can see myself through her eyes. She is reflecting the true me. Sometimes, she reveals the “me” that I don’t always see. Always, she reflects the good that exists inside me.

She is a filter through which I see the world. She radiates positivity. She can find the good in anything! I’ve learned to let the world “WOW!” me because of her.

She is my… Comedian

She can make me laugh when I least expect it. Her humor pulls me through when times are bleak. A single, witty comment from her makes my stress melt away. Sometimes, it seems the entire world has no sense of humor. She laughs at my jokes when no one else does.

She is my… Friend

She is my true friend. She is someone I can always depend on. Someone I can always trust. Someone who always has my best interest at heart, who loves me and expects nothing in return. Her advice, her humor, her strength, and her friendship come with no strings attached. And it doesn’t always take words. Some of our most profound moments are the ones we share silently together. This is the bond of friendship.

Now and forever… Forever my friend.


Sometimes, it’s hard to describe your relationship with someone, especially if it’s a relationship between women. We have such ideas, emotions, and understanding between us, that it almost feels tangible. You can almost see the light that surrounds you when you’re in the presence of a really good friend – a true friend.

That’s what this post was about. I’m speaking in impressions, like a painting in the impressionist style. It takes a million little brush strokes in a million different colors to express a single idea. That’s what true friendship feels like.. It’s a million different things that make for one, solid friendship.

Tell Us About Your Most Precious Friendship

Think of some of your best girl friends. I’m willing to be that most of us can share things with our closest girl friends that we can’t even reveal to our husbands, boyfriends, parents, or anyone else!

  1. Describe a circumstance where the bond of friendship has enhanced your life
  2. How would you define “true friendship?”

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