The alarm goes off in the morning. You’re half asleep, but you’re able to hit that snooze button with pro-athlete precision. Eventually, you manage to throw one leg over the side of the bed haphazardly, open one eye and look disdainfully at the picture of a model – or some other representation of the “perfect body” – that you’ve posted at the side of the bed as motivation.

You manage to drag your sad body out of bed.

As you stare into the bathroom mirror, working out is the last thing you want to do. You dread the thought of screaming muscles and the shortness of breath.

Your Mind Knows – But Your Body Doesn’t Want to Listen

You know the statistics. Over two-thirds of adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese. There are direct links between obesity and disease that include heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, many of which are debilitating.

You know your own body. There are areas that just aren’t as firm as they used to be. Does your youngster charmingly call you “Jelly Belly” or something else just as, ahem, charming? Do your clothes not fit like they used to, or have you had to shell out some cash on an upgrade of your entire wardrobe? Are you tired all the time? Does it seem like you’re seeing your doctor a little too much?

Yet, you’ve still chosen, on so many days, to crawl back into bed. You’ve ripped that picture of the model off the wall, even gone so far as to crumple it up. You’ve got a wealth of excuses for deviating from a plan that you created yourself. History repeats itself.

How Do We Break The Cycle?

Take a good look at why we don’t exercise as much as we plan to. Listen carefully to yourself when you make your excuses. “Exercise is boring.”… There’s no excitement in exercise… It’s not stimulating…. There’s not enough time! or I’m just too busy…

Yet, exercise can become a habit, even one that’s hard to break! When exercise becomes a positive force in your life that brings confidence and fulfillment, it ceases being a chore. Instead of forcing yourself to do it, you may find that you’re doing everything in your power to make sure nothing gets in the way of it! And it all starts by bringing F.I.T. to your exercise routine.

How to Get F.I.T. for Life!

First, make it Fun. Exercise is activity, and activities don’t have to be monotonous or boring! Search deep and find what you enjoy. Do you love being in nature or in the water? Try walking, hiking, or swimming. Pick your place and pick your passion. The important part is to be active. Exercise doesn’t have to be about staying in one place and doing reps.

Next, make it Interactive. Think of it as a time to connect!

Connect with yourself. You can take a long walk and give yourself a well-earned chance to be alone with your thoughts.

Connect with someone you love. Bring someone along – a friend, some family, or your dog. Take a special someone on an active and romantic date.

Connect with nature. Let a nature walk turn into a meandering exploration. Listen to the sounds around you, feel the wind and the warmth of the sun.

You choose how you want to connect.

Lastly, make exercise a time to Treasure. Let it become a time to look forward to. It’s a time set aside just for you. Make it a time with no interruptions. It’s time to help you feel good about you.

You’re No Longer Just Dreaming

The alarm goes off in the morning. You’re half asleep, but you’ve gotten into the pattern of making mornings your own precious time. You jump out of bed eagerly. (You don’t need that airbrushed pic of a model to motivate you!)

You head out for a brisk walk while it’s peaceful outside. Your favorite song is playing just for you in your earbuds. You feel the sun on your arm and the confidence in your heart. Your fitness routine has become meaningful because you made it F.I.T. – and you’re learning to enjoy it so much that it will soon become a habit. It’s one that you will look forward to every day.

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