In her article, The Tangled Web We Weave, Dr. Shelley Plumb opens up about a business decision that she will always remember. But on the heels of realizing she hired a faulty contractor, Dr. Plumb received the ultimate return on her investment: she created principles that help her make sense of emotional finances so she can make business choices that benefit her and her company, PlumbTalk Women.

Entrepreneurs are faced with several difficult decisions concerning finances. Many of these choices are convoluted because dealing with business funds is never a black and white issue. It is an emotionally charged experience that can evoke feelings of anger, fear and insecurity.

Throughout the article, Dr. Plumb explores the emotional side of managing business funds, as well as principles to help entrepreneurs spend their money wisely.

These financial principles include:

  1. Fire the Undesirable
  2. Plot a Course
  3. Develop a Solid Support System

Discover more about emotional finances and how to protect yourself from making ineffective investment decisions.

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