Recharge and Pre Sleeping Rituals.


“It is never too late, each of us can change ‘how we do’ if we really want to. Follow and plan a regime that works for you and only you.”


How many times a day do you press the pause button- stepping away from that task in hand? Taking those precious zen moments to rebalance?


Essential Rest hours:-


I need precious restore hours- to sleep, practice reiki and read a few pages from books that inspire and uplift me. I listen to mindful, energising or calming CDs.


In my experience the more relaxed we feel the more energy we have for better quality sleep later.


What kind of rebalancing do you integrate daily/weekly to support your body?


Regular treatments of Aromatherapy and Reflexology work.

Using natural aromatic oils, acupuncture helps with sleep and the pain of fibromyalgia.

Learning and practising Reiki 1 has shown positive results.

Regular visits to my Osteopath are supportive.


Bedtime Rituals and Sleep hours:-


7 pm is wind down time. Electronics get switched off. Eating before 8 pm works.


An hours Tv viewing, gleaning something new, nothing violent or stimulating. You get to choose.


What does your bedroom say about you?

Is it your place to feel completely nurtured?

For me, it is a haven of sacrosanct calm. The biggest feature; my bed and black out blinds.

The only electrical item: – A lamp to read.

You dear readers can create your own personal space of serenity, inducing restful hours. Use your senses to ‘Let Go’ with thoughts only of quality sleep.


Aromatherapy scented candles, oils with sedative ingredients i.e. Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Frankincense placed on the pulse points or in a burner help.

A ‘Gratitude Journal.’ Writing what we are grateful for each day- focusing on the good in our lives. That is how we attract more of the same. As simple as my husband gifting me a decorative notepad ( a writer, always needs a stockpile).

Reading for half an hour- a book taking me away from my daily life.

Lights out 10.15/10.30 pm


Where once I was the ‘Diva of Multi Tasking’, now I do one thing at a time, mindfully and with purpose.


Equally, I am not ‘Little Miss Perfect.’


When we consistently ‘Do What Works’ we emanate a different kind of confidence as if smiling from the inside out. The need to ‘push boulders’ dissipates- our lives flow.

Set your boundaries. When you start to really value yourself and what your needs are, the people who matter will do the same.

‘Time’ to step into your life with renewed energy.

My Quote:-

“Change comes with a single step followed by another… followed by…..” 


Miriam McGuirk


Miriam is a published author, a storyteller blogger and speaker


Twitter:-   miriam_mcguirk


A feisty, passionate Irish lady, a Writer of Fiction and Creative writing with a Quirky Sense of humor that is Engaging, Fun, Motivational and Exciting.

She is a survivor with a warm personality that reaches out, shares and draws people in.


She feels people’s energy.


“I write and speak from the heart – I touch people  in a way they resonate with.”


An engaging storyteller – with a powerful strong message of hope.


She has managed to create a new life and career that works –


Miriam has been dividing her time for the last 15 years between Kent, UK and the south-west mountains of Turkey, in a village that has remained unchanged for centuries. Miriam is following her heart and passion, 

Writing in a peaceful, healing environment surrounded by pine trees and birdsong.

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