‘Sometimes we need to let go of the old ways to discover the new…’


What I have come to know:-

When we have been given the precious gift of movement let’s use it daily with purpose.




Yoga & Pilates


Helping us to find that balance, focus and remaining centred;




Early morning and before the sun sets gentle mindful walks in the mountains of south-west Turkey or by the sea.

My time to become aware of my surroundings,

the sounds, smells, the air I breathe, how I feel as I walk.

The ‘Sea’ is my healing therapy. I lie on the stony beach, the lapping waves my music. Swimming…. ‘Being’ in my infinity flotation tank, I focus on each stroke.

When we exercise with purpose, our experience changes. The rewards are immeasurable, our bodies, mind and emotions, uplifted as we gain strength and confidence.


Work Hours 


Mornings I like to get to the page to write with inspiration, armed with a timer. Crucial breaks; every 45/50 minutes. I sip green tea, stretch, step outside for short bursts of fresh air.


The Energy Thieves


As a creative, whether I am in my writing cave or working on the business as a creative or developing my brand/raising my profile; it is essential to engage with my followers. 


My windows to interact with my audience:-


Disciplined in how I choose to use these platforms, I ensure they are not my ‘Energy Thieves’


When I write, I need a peaceful environment.

During my creative hours, my mobile and social media outlets are a strict ‘no go’ area. 

On a roll, when I have ignored that timer, to my detriment, I pay the price later.


On my noticeboard hangs a Sign;

‘What can I and only I do right now that will move me forward in my work today’

From ‘Eat that Frog’ by Brian Tracy

Those lines pull me back to focus.


Meetings/conference calls are carefully planned and timed.

My work day finishes at 3 pm. At the point of resting, I remove myself from the office, laptop, my mobile remains on silent.


I surround myself:


With people who are positive, who serve me well as I do them. Those who   motivate, inspire, raise my spirits and energy.


Noise, stimulation; mindless, endless chatter, TV, loud music, crowded areas, traffic, shops, lighting are my energy sappers.


‘When we tap into our power and choose a life that truly works for us, only then will our lives flow as it needs to.’

Join me for Part 3:- ‘Recharge and Sleeping Rituals.’

Miriam McGuirk


Miriam is a published author, a storyteller blogger and speaker


Website:-  www.miriammcguirk.com

Twitter:-   miriam_mcguirk


A feisty, passionate Irish lady, a Writer of Fiction and Creative writing with a Quirky Sense of humour that is Engaging, Fun, Motivational and Exciting.

She is a survivor with a warm personality that reaches out, shares and draws people in.


She feels people’s energy.


“I write and speak from the heart – I touch people  in a way they resonate with.”


An engaging storyteller – with a powerful strong message of hope.



She has managed to create a new life and career that works –


Miriam has been dividing her time for the last 15 years between Kent, UK and the south-west mountains of Turkey, in a village that has remained unchanged for centuries. Miriam is following her heart and passion, 

Writing in a peaceful, healing environment surrounded by pine trees and birdsong.


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