Do you ever feel like you are not fulfilling your destiny? Remember, there is always more to your story than what is written.

It is easy to feel bogged down by life’s demands. We have to work to support ourselves and families. For some, this means working 40 hours or more every week. For others, it means running a household. For most, it’s all of the above — you are a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend and career woman.

If this sounds like your life, you might be feeling pulled in a million different directions when you should be focusing on the path you want to follow and are meant to take. But how do you make the time to achieve your destiny?

Find Your Passion

Perhaps the first step to realizing your destiny is to identify what path you want to take. Start by asking yourself, “What do I want to do?” Run a marathon? Get involved with local government? Open a bakery?

Sometimes this dream may linger at the front of your mind. You might even find yourself fantasizing about it all day long. At other times, you may push it away and let it lay dormant at the back of your thoughts. Still, it seems to bubble to the surface when you are most vulnerable, or tired, or wishful. When you are at the end of your rope, you may find yourself thinking, “This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. I am meant for something more.”

What does “something more” mean to you? What is your destiny?

It Starts With One Small Step

Dreams are larger than life. Often, our dreams are so vast that we don’t know how to reach them.

Start small. Take one practical step.

Anytime you want to accomplish something, it is important that you make a plan. Set aside two hours every week to work on your dream. For example, every Saturday morning from eight to 10, have time set aside to journal, or go for a jog, or try a new recipe.

Here are two tips for creating your action plan:

Put aside a specific time and day to invest in your destiny. When you set time to invest in your passion, you give yourself permission to take action. In effect, you are bringing your dream closer to reality.

Post it on Facebook, tell them in person, or stick a note on the refrigerator. Make your support network aware of your intentions. It makes you accountable for your actions and more likely to follow through. Let them know that you will be unavailable every week at this time because you are doing something for you.

  1. Set a definite time
  2. Announce your plan to your family and friends

Reflect on Your Destiny

Give yourself a few weeks to get into a good rhythm. When you spend time with your passion, it will grow. You may find that you want to pursue it even more than you ever dreamed.

On the other hand, as you dive into the depths of your destiny, you may also find that you’re facing some truths that you couldn’t see before. You will probably begin to understand the gravity of this undertaking and inevitable obstacles will come into view. At this point, you may feel like you are standing at a fork in the road. You will have to make a decision: do you want to push past the obstacles and persevere? Or would you like to keep your passion safely parked in the garage of your imagination?


“Anything in life worth having is worth working for.”
~Andrew Carnegie~

Whenever you attempt to live out your dreams, challenges are inevitable. With a little hard work, creative problem solving and determination, you can overcome any hurdle. Every time you rise above an obstacle, you become stronger, wiser, and more confident.

As you navigate the heights of your dreams and depths of its challenges, be sure to keep your life and passion in perspective by taking time to reflect on your progress.

Be adamant in reminding yourself why you’re working towards your goal. Does it make you feel good? Are you helping people? Do you want to share something you’re good at?

Don’t be afraid to confront the things that are keeping you from achieving your dream. Is it money? Time? Education? Other commitments?

  1. Reflect on what you like about your passion.
  2. Be honest about obstacles.

When you can admit to yourself where you fall short, it will be easier to fill in what’s missing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and recruit others to join your cause.

Do you need someone to taste your kitchen creations or encourage you to run farther? Ask people that you trust to hold you accountable and give you honest feedback. If you need help starting a business, look for resources at the Small Business Administration website.

Ask questions. Be specific. Dig around for answers. Don’t be afraid—or, if you are, accept it as proof that you are brave. After all, you are venturing into new territory.

As you move forward in pursuit of your passion, you will be called to conquer obstacles, show your courage, and develop new skills. Are you up for this challenge? Dedication and diligence can hoist you to new levels of success and happiness, as you realize your dreams and make your life everything you want it to be. When you are ready to work for it, your destiny will be waiting.

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