Imagine that you are sitting outside on a park bench, waiting for a friend. It’s a gorgeous day outside. There is a silky breeze in the air. You notice how people are smiling as they pass each other because it’s hard to be in a bad mood when the weather is beautiful. You also have an unexplained feeling of “happiness.” You feel warm, secure, and confident.


Why Am I Happy?

You look around and notice that the sky seems a more brilliant blue somehow. Nearby, there are vibrant fuchsia flowers. Young, green leaf buds peek out from a tree. Even the clouds are like cotton candy! As you focus on the moment, you realize everything is about color. The color is reflecting on you, and your mood reflects the colors.


Remodel, Renew, Revitalize Your Oasis with Color

You can draw positive feelings closer to you by bringing these colors into your home. First, decide which colors will be best for you and your personal oasis. Start by identifying the colors that are stimulating to you. Then, try these four small changes:

  1. Paint a room. The color of a room can have a powerful impact on your surroundings and change your mood for good. Changing the color of a room lets positive color psychology do its best work.
  2. Pick a flower. Take a step back. Revel in a simple act and the flower’s colorful beauty. Bring the fresh-picked flowers into your home and arrange it in a vase. You’ll be bringing in color and scent into your home. (Wild flowers often smell better than store-bought!)
  3. Change a picture. Have your beloved photographs or artwork on the wall just become part of the scenery? Move them around, add new ones, or create your own. You’ll be surrounding yourself in images that you love. By putting these images in fresh locations, you’ll be sure to notice them.
  4. Create a masterpiece. Design an artful, beautiful, inspirational vision board. (Need a how-to for your vision board? Click here for a great example.) Consider it a jumping-off point for putting your dreams to action!


Small Changes Can Color You

Quick remodels or rearranging of your surroundings may seem minor, but these four small changes can have big effects. You’re bringing warmth, security, and confidence inside. You’re making sure they’re near so you don’t have to reach for them. What makes you feel good? Let’s go back outside to that park bench. It’s a spring day and there are soft rustles in the air. People are happy just to be outside. When that feeling of happiness washes over you, look around. What are the colors that surround you? Take note! They are simple colors of nature that you can bring inside. Make these four changes to your home environment and bring about a noticeable change in your attitude and mood. These changes in how you feel will radiate outwards, affecting how you act and what you accomplish. Small changes often make the biggest differences.


Show Us Your Walls, Vision Boards, and Ideas

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