Everyone needs a place that is their’s alone–even you! Maybe it’s a place to help you relax; maybe it’s a place for you to get work done. Either way, your own little oasis makes everything else in your life run a bit smoother.

Here’s how to create that space:

1. Use What Inspires You

This is your space. Are you a writer? What is going to inspire you to create your best work? Is this a craft room? Maybe your favorite bolts of fabric will do. Whatever this place is, make it your own. Find inspiration on Pinterest but keep it meaningful for you personally and what you need this space for.

2. Use What You Have

Even the most intense minimalist has things around the house that need a place. Maybe your oasis is just the spot for them? If you want to create a relaxing spot in your tub for decadent bubble baths, who says you can’t place a picture frame next to one of your candles?

3. Go Creative, Not Expensive

If money were no object maybe we would all look at the Restoration Hardware catalogue and be done with it. But most of us don’t have that luxury and besides: this is your space. So cut out inspirational images from magazines. Buy a canvas (very inexpensive) and create your own abstract art piece. Maybe you have an heirloom–like an embroidered handkerchief from your grandmother. Get a shadowbox to place it in. What could be more inspiring to you than that?

4. Function Over Form

Back to Pinterest, it’s a great place for inspiration, of course. But make sure that whatever purpose your oasis will serve–whether it be relaxation or work–it’s designed for that very thing. If it’s a relaxing reading room, you probably don’t want a television. Maybe consider a white noise machine? If it’s an office be sure not to fill your desk with too many knick-knacks inhibiting you from moving your computer mouse. You may also want to consider how best to feng shui your special place.

5. Figure Out How You Work Best

Does sunlight keep you productive? Pick a room with big windows. If that’s not possible, paint the room a color that invigorates you.There is a reason restaurants use warm colors: they make us want to eat. If it’s an office, do you work best at night or in the morning? If it’s a place to relax, do you need it most at the end of the day or as a boost to start the day? This may determine where in the house this room goes. A room for yoga may not be best next the baby’s nursery. A workspace may be helpful to have near the kid’s playroom if they are at home with you during the day.

Nina Biagini
NB Creative, Inc.
PlumbTalk Content Manager
[email protected]

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