We all say we want to live healthier lives. But let’s also be honest. We don’t want to put a lot of work into it. After all, while we are trying to live these healthier lives” we actually have life to deal with. For that reason, here are just five easy ways you can live a healthier life. It’s nowhere near an exhaustive list and this is purposeful. If this headline caught your eye, you barely have time to read a list of five things.

1. Decrease your screen time

Any way you can decrease your total amount of screen time for a single day or maybe a week will lead to a healthier life. This includes the television, phone, iPad, computer, and video games. Studies show more screen time may lear to shorter lives, possibly because screen time means you are usually sedentary.

But the blue light from your screen may also be affecting your sleep. It alters your melatonin levels which affects how easily you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Creating any kind of boundary to limit your screen time doesn’t have to be difficult. One simple idea is to create a screen time curfew for your household. Maybe for your family it’s eight o’clock. Maybe it’s ten o’clock. If you check work emails and your twitter stream until midnight, this is still an improvement.

2. Speaking of Sleep…

Of course, we would all like more sleep but life is crazy, right? It’s important and it doesn’t have to be too difficult. You’ve already decreased your screen time which will help, but what if you tried going to bed just one minute earlier than normal? According to Real Simple Magazine, this can actually have an impact.

Not only does a lack of sleep make us cranky but it can lead to obesity and shorter lifespans. A minute earlier each night? That’s easy.

3. Move More

This list is about keeping it easy and simple so no one is asking you to run a marathon. Choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Every few hours, walk around the office before finding your way back to your desk. if you are really feeling ambitious, take the family on a walk. You may even have fun.

4. Make Small Changes to Your Diet

No one is asking a meat lover to go vegan. But if you want the hamburger, why not get a side salad instead of the fries? Obsessed with take out? Try cooking at home one night more than you normally would. If you know you’re celebrating your birthday at your favorite restaurant later in the day where you don’t plan on holding back, have a lean and healthy breakfast and lunch. These are just a few ideas. Get creative but once again, it can be easy
and simple.

5. Drink More Water

Yes, number five is that simple. Drinking more water can help decrease headaches, increase performance, flush out waste and bacteria, help you to lose weight, create glowing skin, and more. So make it a habit to carry a water bottle around with you.

Sure, we all know there are big changes we need to make. The doctor has been on us about our blood pressure or that extra thirty pounds we are carrying. But, as you see results, these small steps may inspire you to make even bigger changes. A healthy lifestyle is always worth it and these five things are doable.

Nina Biagini

NB Creative, Inc.

PlumbTalk Content Manager

[email protected]

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